Dr Deborah Birx Of Course Has A Lot Of Scarves


Dr Deborah Birx Of Course Has A Lot Of Scarves

When Dr. Deborah Birx delivers most needed information on the federal government’s response to the pandemic, she gives it to Hermès.
The doctor is one of two women on the White House task force trying to minimize the spread of an epidemic that, at the time of publication, has claimed more than 17,800 lives in the United States. And while the nation devours her updates during live White House briefings, viewers have also noted her flair for high-end scarves.
On April 6, she tied what seemed to be a dark blue and white Hermès Rocaille II scarf over a camel blouse. Two days later, she delicately draped what seems like the brand’s iconic “The Garden of the Maharani” round her shoulders. Yesterday she wore a mosaic print piece in beautiful greens, blues and reds.
Appreciation for her silky sartorial selections can be found using the…

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