Living In Slow Motion With Korea’s Silent Vloggers


Living In Slow Motion With Korea's Silent Vloggers

A Korean woman, in a loose white shirt and pants, who never shows her face washes white onions. Through the subtitles, she explains that she makes bokkeumbap kimchi. The camera focuses on her hands as she cuts the onions into pieces. There is no background music, no conversation. She’s frying an egg, and you can hear the oil sizzling, a faucet running in the background. She eats this simple meal alone at a small table, a white napkin serving as a placemat. Afterwards, she starts the laundry, explaining that she stopped using fabric softeners after discovering that they contained fine plastics. The camera zooms in on the washer, the gray clothes falling inside. While doing evening work, she takes the time to pour water into a glass, adding dried beet shavings to tint it pink. When she wants a break, she takes her dog for a walk and orders a bingsu. She is…

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