Need Help Taking Care of Your Air Plants? We’ve Got Just the Guy


In the courtyard of his California studio, “Airplantman” Josh Rosen works amid a botanical wonderland full of hand-strung Tillandsia lanterns, custom air plant frames, and “gallery walls.”

Josh Rosen has the calm demeanor of a young, hip monk. When I input his lawn studio in Mar Vista, California, he greets me with blue eyes which might be calm and clean and a mild smile below a beard well-trimmed. He gives tea or water, then a snug however stylishly antique chair so we are able to talk. Once seated, his candy boxer/pit bull mix, Elliot, comes up for a few pets, and I can without delay sense my pulse begin to quiet—no small feat thinking about the site visitors I’d simply confronted at the 405.

As I surprise at how zen I sense in Rosen’s presence, I surprise if it’s due to the fact he changed into a philosophy primary at Northwestern…

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