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A easy breakfast

When it involves food, her every day ordinary is not some thing in particular out of the ordinary. She wakes up at round 7:30 a.m. and enjoys a pot of Earl Grey (with milk, with out sugar) with some biscuits as she listens to the radio and prepares for a morning bath. Breakfast itself is a touch greater complex — she and Philip commonly have a variety of cereal, yogurt and toast with marmalade.

And yes, Kellogg’s (or, greater specifically, Special K with fruit) is the cereal of preference for Liz, who serves it to herself out of Tupperware. And if that each one appears only a tad too low-key, take solace withinside the information that she frequently eats all this off a jewel-encrusted marble dish that, 30 years ago, turned into really well worth 500,000 pounds — so these days is probable really well worth millions.

Her first drink of the day

The Queen’s…

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