4 Ways To Straighten Hair With A Flat Iron Like A Pro


1.Use shampoo or moisturizer and care. These are specially designed to create straight or smooth hair. No need to buy expensive hair products, anything you can find at your local drugstore or beauty supply store will do. You can find products labeled
“sleek” or “plain.

2. Dry the hair after showering. Instead of brushing the hair to remove moisture from the hair, gently wring the hair in sections with a towel. Dry your hair after a shower to avoid excessive frizz.


3. Use a heat treatment or heat treatment when your hair is wet. You should use it when your hair is wet because it allows you to spread the liquid evenly on your hair without clumping. Comb the hair with wide teeth after application. Products containing obliphica fruit, argan oil, argan oil, or coconut oil are believed to help straighten hair every day.

4..Dry your hair. When straightening, you want your hair to be as dry as possible. Not only will this make your iron work better, but it will also prevent your hair from falling out due to the heat. Dry with a hair dryer in the direction of the hair. This downward movement away from the roots promotes drying. It also softens the hair and reduces the risk of frizz.
Set the hair dryer to the lowest temperature. Drying your hair on a low setting for a long time can prevent frizz from drying out, especially if you have curly hair.

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