Getting In The Garden With Kids


From the beginning, we’ve immersed our girls in our love for spending time in our garden. Since Thomas is the expert enthusiast, the girl’s involvement has naturally evolved. Kids gardening is a fun and educational activity that teaches them about nature, responsibility, and the importance of healthy eating. By helping to plant and care for fruits, vegetables, and flowers, our girls are developing an appreciation for the environment, while gaining a sense of accomplishment as they watch their plants grow. Gardening can also provide them with an opportunity to learn about the science and the importance of organic gardening. It encourages the girls to spend time outdoors, connecting with nature, and developing skills that will benefit them throughout life.

Both Clemmie and Gogo love helping us water the plants. This electric plant mister is as colorful as it is practical thanks to its battery operated continuous spray.

Clemmie loves being helpful in the garden, and always wants to wear her “Glubs” – this pair is sturdy enough to protect little hands and has a charming bee decal on the front.

Your littles will enjoy the hands on experience of helping in the yard with this vibrant gardening wheel barrow that’s just their size.

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